About Tron Jordheim

Tron Jordheim is a business leader, business coach, business speaker, keynote speaker, management consultant, professional speaker and a writer.  He practices these skills daily as VP of Marketing for the StorageMart Self Storage Empire and as the Director of the PhoneSmart Call Center, an off-site sales force that serves self storage owners all across the Americas. Tron has honed his skills in sales, marketing and business management since he was a twelve year old kid running a window washing business.  These days he also practices all things digital in the social, search and mobile  arenas. This blog serves as a nostalgic throw-back to the early days of blogging. We hope you enjoy the occasional posts. Sometimes I write about business, sometimes about storage, sometimes about politics and often about people and culture.  I don’t post often, but you’ll find all sorts of things I’ve written over the years here. Enjoy the reading. You can also find Tron on twitter at tronjordheim.