Don’t ask me what I am doing for marketing

Why I don’t really like talking with just anyone about what works or what doesn’t work

If you ever watched the Ocean’s movies with George Clooney, you know how important it was in the Ocean’s mythology to have shaken Frank Sinatra’s hand. Well I shook Matt Cutts’ hand. So I have a certain responsibility to uphold the honor of internet marketing cowboys, no matter the color of their hats.

I also learned in those days that you can ruin a good thing by talking about it. I asked him what he thought about a technique I and others were using that seemed to bring us very good SERP results. It wasn’t long until Google stopped giving “juice” to that particular activity. UGHHH. I also helped develop some effective approaches that friendly competitors adopted with bigger budgets and bigger staffs. So if I seem unwilling to share with you at some point, maybe we just need to get to know each other better and start working together more closely.

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As a public speaker, keynote presenter and management consultant, I talk to a lot of executives about their businesses and their people and process. I am so impressed by the many great leaders and clever business people I get a chance to work with. I am also sometimes alarmed and aghast at the stories of knuckle headed business leaders and managers I hear. I guess things are complicated everywhere.