My plan for health care

The health-care debate ,or should I say argument, continues. I am in favor of private enterprise creating wealth. That is why I am involved in private enterprise: I am determined to create wealth for my circle. But isn’t part of the health care problem the fact that wealth is created by procedures and treatments, not by people being healthy? What would our health care system look like if the economic incentive was built on health and well being…and there was a dis-incentive to illness, treatment and procedures?  Perhaps the healthcare plan should be built around everyone getting a massage twice a month and walking 3 miles four times a week?

The problem is that everyone bears the burden of the costs of treating sick and injured people. We either pay through higher insurance rates, higher taxes or higher service fees.  For example, if someone chooses not to wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle and dumps the bike, you and I bear the cost of fixing those skull fractures. How is that fair?

So how do we build a system that makes the medical community wealthy when people are healthy? How do we build a system that costs the least to consumers, when they are eating well, exercising regularly, getting plenty of rest and doing their stretching and relaxation exercises?