Your Sales Culture could be a lot better

A business speaker needs to write books to get the information that people could use out to people. I am working on a new title about sales culture.

I could have picked many titles for this book. I could have chosen a challenging title like: “So you think your company’s sales culture is good?” I could have picked a brusque attention getter like “Hey, your company’s sales culture sucks!” I could have picked something a little more academic sounding such as “Stimulating a 2 percent improvement in bottom line corporate profits through the institution of sales culture enhancements”. I could have picked a title that boasted: “I quintupled the revenue of my company by creating a sales culture…and so could you!”

Any one of these might express my feelings about the value of a good sales culture and about my opinion of most companies’ current sales and customer service practice. 

But why did I choose the title I did?