Las Vegas Conference starts soon

So I am back at my home away from home. I think I must have been at Las Vegas Trade Shows 25 times in the last 10 years.  Las Vegas is busy this weekend, or at least the Paris Hotel and Bally’s are.  If people are not spending money, they must be some other people. It was a good weekend for those who live off of the tourists and gamers on The Strip. There was also a NASCAR race in Las Vegas this weekend that pulled a lot of people.  Still people left time for the Olympics. I heard lots of screams and groans when the US tied Canada in hockey. I  was having a snack in one of the restaurants, but could hear everyone clearly from the sportsbar. I sure heard the noise when The US beat Canada in overtime.

I am here to promote the PhoneSmart business, act as a business speaker for a round table session and a presentation to regional managers on sales training initiatives. I hope to spend some time with current clients and some future clients. It all kicks off early Monday.