Let the sun shine at night

It was not that long ago when people in rural parts of the United States had no night-time light, other than candles, kerosene lamps or wood fire. It was not that big a deal if you lived in the northern or eastern forests where there was a seemingly unending supply of fire wood.  Actually there is something very comforting about the light cast from a wood fire at night. When electricity began to appear in rural areas, things changed dramatically. Economies were created around all the things one could now do, now that you could see enough to do things after the sun went down.

This is the situation developing in wide areas of the world where there is either no electricity, or very sporadic electricity. However there is a big difference. Most of these areas are over populated and under forested, meaning each day that people go without electricity, the de-forestation of the earth increases. EEEK.

You can’t build coal fired power plants to create this electricity. That would be a disaster. You can’t use diesel or gasoline. There is no huge slush fund to build nuclear plants everywhere. Oh DUH… the sun shines everywhere!

Who needs power plants, when you can have personal power in the form of a lamp that charges from the sun during the day and lights your tasks at night. D.Light Design markets such a lamp now, called the Comet.

This is a huge financial opportunity. If D.Light can sell enough of these, it can bring the price down a little more and sell even more of them. This creates jobs for the people who build the lamps and supply the materials to build the lamps. This creates light for business or pleasure for people who would not otherwise have access to light.

This is also earth friendly. We live on a pretty good planet and we do not have any replacement planets anywhere near-by, so we might as well take better care of it, don’t you think?

As a professional speaker,  I think we should all be speaking about shifting our economy to an earth-friendly economy, where local small business can thrive.

Let the sun shine at night and let the economy boom.