New projects are always popping up like spring flowers.

The first day of Spring 2021 is approaching. Covid 19 vaccinations are accelerating in the US and a few other countries. That gives us all hope that we can put the horrors of 2020 behind us and try to move on with new and better ways of doing things. There seems to be a good amount of consulting engagements starting and showing themselves on the horizon. I am entertaining several new and potentially interesting business ventures. It looks like the 2021 Self Storage Hawai’i unConference is on its way to being a successful event. I have a lot to be grateful for in spite of having a lot to grieve. My self storage consulting and self storage feasibility study services are doing well and I see growth for both of them coming this year. We all hope that everyone’s businesses will do well once we really start coming out of the Covid Hell. I hope we are correct about that. I’ll do my part to make it happen.