sometimes a business speaker uses only a few words

Today I was teaching and doing face to face marketing at the Kansas City home show. We had a lot of people pass our booth. We had a simple sales goal: get a post card with a “special offer” in the hands of everyone who passed by. So as a business speaker, I needed to develop a great script to use.

At home shows, you hear the cooking demo people and the tool demo people doing their pitches. Some of their pitches are long and involved. I realize their goal was different then ours. They are trying to make sales and collect revenue at the show.

But our script was simple: “here you are”, “Here is something you can probably use”,  “Did you get one yet?”  were our phrases.

Then we had to perfect the physical business. We learned to extend the arm all the way to the person passing by. We learned to leave our hand with the card out in front of the person until the card was accepted. You can’t get much simpler than that. We also handed out about 1,500 offers. We had a good day.