Why a business speaker cares about vaccines

You should take a look at the vaccine song on you tube.

My mom used to work in a polio ward before polio vaccine was invented. She told me horrible stories about watching kids die.  I don’t doubt that there are vaccine manufacturers who have been less than 100% careful in their production. I don’t doubt that some vaccines have been released before they were thoroughly tested.  I imagine there is such a thing as over-vaccinating children. But it is also clear to me that some horrible illnesses like polio, small pox and TB have stopped being the heartbreaking family destroying killers that they once were.

As a business speaker, I would not want to develop some new material about risk management that uses the resurgence of polio as a lesson in disregarding the potential impact of risks we assumed had passed.  We do need vigilance and persistence to make sure former risks do not become future risks.