Tron Jordheim is active inside of the self storage industry and in the general business community.

Tron Jordheim is currently the managing partner of Self Storage Strategies, which offers self storage consulting services and self storage feasibility studies and market analysis. He also runs the Call Here Self Storage Call Center, which acts as an on-demand sales and service center for self storage operators in the United States and Canada.

When Jordheim is not working on self storage projects, he helps small and medium sized businesses with change management, systems implementations, sales and customer service training, and more, through his Jordheim Consulting service.

Jordheim is working with partners to acquire or invest in operating cash flowing retail and consumer service focused businesses, as well as self storage properties.

One of Tron Jordheim’s favorite projects is The Self Storage Hawai’i unConference, which is a gathering he hosts of self storage owners, operators, and influential experts on The Big Island of Hawai’i. The 2021 edition of the unconference will take place in October of 2021.

Tron Jordheim is one of those entrepreneurs who can make something out of nothing. He started his first business in the sixth grade with a roll of paper towels and a can of window cleaner. He has been at it ever since. He took his boyhood interest in protection dog training and created a whole new business model that put him through college. Tron was one of the people who helped New York City start its Police K-9 unit.

He ran man-dog contract security patrols for Pan Am airlines at JFK airport and was the team captain for the United States team that competed at The European Championship for German Shepherd Dog Clubs in 1982.

That was before he helped people build businesses in the bottled water and self storage worlds. Along the way he has done public speaking, and served as a business consultant in many different industries. You can listen to his podcast called TronCast, the Podcast with Tron Jordheim.
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