Here is what participants in our Self Storage seminars have said…

“The actual training is more specific than I thought it would be; it is helpful to discuss concerns and assurances. The interaction with others in the industry is helpful as well to hear what others are doing.”

“Praiseworthy: the “spousal” concern turnaround…”

“Expectations were what I had anticipated. Some good interaction among the group.”

“Expectations: met. Gave good ideas for structured methods for sales. Positives: understood methods, easy to follow.”

“It was good in that it covered all the components of the call and put them together.”

“Techniques helpful and good info.”

“Liked “price stalls” ….overcoming those responses.”

“Good ideas from trainer and other companies. Valuable information for all companies…”

“I also learned better closing techniques and price stalls, price concerns and objection techniques that will help me close better and faster.”

“I did expect that you had a sales process that was proven, but your calls really put your success into perspective.”

“Tron’s expertise is valuable.”

“I simply expected today’s seminar to be a creative pep talk. I was both surprised and pleased to learn new methods to address specific situations while selling to customers over the phone.”

“The seminar was also conducted very professionally and I picked up a lot that I will implement at my facility.”

“Good Presentation that met my expectations”

“Great sales ideas and how to close more sales. At least one idea to take away (more than I expected!)

“Better understanding of PhoneSmart’s role.”

“My expectations were that we would come away with alternate techniques to secure rentals and increase our call conversion percentages. I feel my expectations were met because we are leaving with several new ideas to achieve this goal.”

“I want to incorporate the, “Price Stall” techniques and the, “Advantages” script into our call outline.

“My expectations were to get sales tips. My expectations were met. Two or three things for me to work on are price stalling and alternate choices.

“Praiseworthy phrases were: “so that” and “which means”.

“Praiseworthy: The entire session!”

“My expectations were met; we’ve heard lots of good things about your seminars so my expectations were high coming in.”

“We’re going to create a script based on the techniques we’ve learned today that definitely utilize the price stalls and assurances/concerns.”

“I liked the intimate setting and lunch was good. You relate to people well and put them at ease. Well-spoken, I’m glad you didn’t try to sell us on PhoneSmart.”

“When I came in today I expected to pick up some new sales tactics. I was also a little afraid that the seminar would be an opportunity for PhoneSmart to sell us their services. I thought the seminar was great, definitely exceeded my expectations. I learned a great deal today and I’m looking forward to going back to work and implementing them.

“For me, learning new responses for potential customers’ concerns is one of the things that I look forward to practicing in the near future. Also, I think that the, “which will” and “so that” phrases will help me feel confident in informing customers about our features & their advantages.”

“I thought the whole presentation was great. I learned so much today. Almost all of the topics we discussed today will be incredibly helpful to me the next time I have a rental inquiry. I feel I have more confidence in reeling a potential client during an inquiry call. I can’t wait to go home and start using my new tools!”
“The positive things I learned from this seminar were how to be more confident in selling and making a reservation and questions to ask and different phrases to use. Also different approaches to sell to different people.

“This training session has made me feel a lot more comfortable when speaking in front of people. I realized today that I had more knowledge than I give myself credit for. The new skills that I have learned today, I will apply to getting more customers through the door.”

“The training has been very helpful as it has given me more confidence to be able to close the sale by obtaining a reservation. What helped the most was learning the phrases, “the price is only $xx, which is a great price for the area” and, “this means that” when explaining features.”